warranty policy

Warranty Policy

The COSMIQ+ Dive Computer comes with a two-year, non-transferable, global warranty covering all manufacturing defects, faults in design and workmanship. Deepblu will, during the warranty period, replace any damaged or defective COSMIQ+ Dive Computer with a new unit.

The warranty period begins on the day when COSMIQ+ is first activated by syncing with the Deepblu app. Make sure you are logged in to your personal Deepblu account when syncing in order to link your COSMIQ+ to your account. If for whatever reason the COSMIQ+ was not activated at the time of an RMA claim or no activation record could be found in the system, the warranty period will be based on the date shown on the original invoice for the purchase of the COSMIQ+. If customers are unable to provide an original copy of such documents, the warranty period will be based on the manufacturing date stated on the product serial number.

The warranty is not transferable and does not cover commercial or rental use, nor does it extend to units purchased from anyone other than an authorized Deepblu Dealer or the Official Deepblu Webstore.

The warranty specifically excludes battery depletion or other conditions resulting from normal wear and tear, improper use or handling, negligence, alteration, accident or unauthorized repair.

We have a strict no refund policy. Exchanges will be provided in the case of manufacturing defects. In the event that you experience a fault with COSMIQ+ within the warranty period, please submit a warranty claim through our website, to initiate the process of obtaining a replacement.

Deepblu retains sole discretion to determine, upon evaluation of the product, if your claim is legitimate.


The definition of RMA products falls into two categories as described below:

IRMA (In Warranty of Return Merchandise Authorization)
Defect occurs during the warranty period.

ORMA (Out of Warranty Return Merchandise Authorization)
Defect occurs after the warranty has expired.

Additional fees will apply if repair or replacement services are provided for out-of-warranty products (ORMA) and Deepblu will provide a quote for the associated charges after evaluating the status of the product on a case by case basis.

Warranty Process

At Deepblu we take quality control and customer service very seriously. We’ve designed our warranty process with the aim of making it hassle-free. If your claim is legitimate, we promise to process it quickly. Please see below for the four-step warranty claim process.

    • Start a Claim - To initiate a claim please fill out the Warranty Form with some basic information about yourself and about the problem. You will be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, which will be used to track your claim.


    • Initial Evaluation - Upon receiving a claim, Deepblu will conduct an initial evaluation to determine if the information submitted is accurate and if the problem is covered under the warranty. We will do our best to complete this step and get back to you within two business days.


    • Approve RMA - If the product is deemed defective, we will approve the RMA and request that you send the defective product to our designated service center.


  • Final Evaluation/Approval – When we receive the package we will conduct a final evaluation to determine the legitimacy of the claim. If approved, we will send a replacement unit to you free of charge.

Please note that claimants are responsible for the cost of shipping a defective unit to our designated service center. Deepblu will cover the cost of shipping a replacement unit.

Return merchandise authorization RMA Request。

For local service with IRMA (In Warranty RMA) cases, please check our Shop Finder to check if there is a “Authorized Service Center”  in your region. Authorized Service Centers handles IRMA (In Warranty RMA) cases only. For any service requests for ORMA (Out of Warranty RMA) cases, please follow our standard RMA process and submit a request form below.

Return merchandise authorization RMA Request

Complete and submit the RMA form to request a return merchandise authorization.

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