Firmware Version Updates

Firmware Version Updates

Firmware v.1.8

  • Enhanced Total Time accuracy shown in dive logs.
  • For Free Dives, ending depth has been adjusted to 0.9m.
  • For Free Dives, ending depth has been adjusted to 0.9m.

Firmware v.1.7

  • Enhanced Total Time accuracy shown in dive logs.
  • For shallow divers, activating depth has been elevated to 1.5m.
  • For Free Dives, ending depth has been adjusted to 0m and 1.2m for others.

Firmware v.1.6

  • New Freedive Mode alarm setting allows setting of three different depth alarms
  • Last dive time, deepest depth, and time elapsed since last dive now displayed on the surface in Freedive Mode
  • New Safety Stop display in Scuba Mode and Freedive Mode makes it easier to read safety stop time
  • Added a reading for time elapsed since entering decompression/ NDL exceeded in Scuba Mode
  • In Scuba and Bottom Timer Mode, the dive is now considered over if the diver spends 5 minutes above 2 m of depth instead of 2 minutes

Firmware v.1.5

  • Blend in with the blue: New brightness setting gives divers control over the display backlight while diving
  • Longer bottom times: Smart power-saving mode allows up to 12 hours of continuous diving
  • Mission briefing: New pre-dive screen shows all your settings at a glance
  • The Salt water and Fresh water settings were removed replaced by a High salinity setting
  • Enhanced sync screen shows settings as you change them in the Deepblu app
  • Log history also shows if a log was made in bottom timer or gauge mode

Firmware v.1.4

  • Added power-saving mode which extends COSMIQ dive time by up to 15 minutes by decreasing brightness when the battery level shows empty
  • Improved power management decreases COSMIQ startup time after battery runs out while diving
  • Fixed extremely rare bug where COSMIQ would show incorrect safety stop time

Firmware v.1.3

Fixed rare bug where COSMIQ would sometimes forget safety setting after restart

Firmware v.1.2

The 5m safety stop function now also takes water type into account

Firmware v.1.1

  • Adjusted safety stop initiation calculation.
  • Fixed incorrect surface interval display bug.

Firmware v.1.0

Replaced Gauge Mode with Bottom Timer Mode (COSMIQ+ only).

Firmware v.0.9

Added Fresh Water setting.

Firmware v.0.8

  • Added new setting for altitude diving.
  • MOD shown when setting oxygen level.
  • Added deepest depth reading in Gauge Mode.
  • ‘GAU’ displayed in Gauge Mode before diving.
  • Altered the No Dive Time and dynamic lockout function.

Firmware v.0.7

  • Added deepest depth reading in Scuba Mode.
  • Alarms added to remind users to charge COSMIQ’s battery when the battery power is extremely low.
  • ‘Err’ warnings indicating a lockout from Scuba Mode changed to ‘SUF’, advising users to stay on the surface.

Firmware v.0.6

  • Optimized battery consumption and modified battery power indicator.
  • Added timeout setting for OTA firmware upgrade process.

Firmware v.0.5

  • Added 3 Safety Factor options: Conservative, Normal, Progressive.
  • Added ability to adjust PPO2 limit between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.
  • Added ‘Err’ display message in Dive Plan mode when Scuba Mode is locked.
  • NDL bar shown above the surface.
  • Time and depth of last freedive shown in Freedive Mode above the surface.

Firmware v.0.4

  • Added Dive Plan function.
  • ‘NO FrEE’ display warning added to Freedive Mode after a dive in Scuba Mode.
  • No Fly Time adjusted to 24 hours after a dive in Freedive Mode.
  • Set the deepest depth to be shown in Dive Plan to 40 meters/130 feet or the maximum operating depth (MOD).
  • Surface Interval Time shown in both Watch Mode and Freedive Mode.

Firmware v.0.3

Restricted ability to shutdown COSMIQ to Watch Mode only.

Firmware v.0.2

  • COSMIQ able to show temperatures below -10°C/14°F.
  • Added automatic reboot function after upgrading firmware.
  • Introduced Scuba Mode lockdown if No Dive Time is over 30 minutes.

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