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Since 2015, Deepblu has been revolutionising the diving world.

Based in the heart of Copenhagen, Deepblu designs, manufactures, and sells cutting-edge diving wearables to fit modern divers. Deepblu started with people's love of diving and is dedicated to giving our global community the best diving experiences in and out of the water.

The COSMIQ+ watch is the pinnacle of that drive within the water- with a crystal clear screen, adaptable interface, and treasure trove of functions, the COSMIQ+ keeps you safe, informed, and stylish throughout your dive allowing you to focus fully on your diving experience.

Out of the water, Deepblu is dedicated to creating the worlds first global diving community through the groundbreaking Deepblu app – the social media for divers. Through the app, divers can upload their divelogs, share their favourite divespots and showcase images and videos form their dives.

At Deepblu we believe that smart technology can bring us together and help us explore and share more of our amazing world, both above and below the waves.


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