The Superior Producer is a Superior Dive Site

Divers enter the Superior Producer. Photo: The Dive Bus, Curacao

The Superior Producer is regarded as one of the best dives in the entire Caribbean as well as one of the most well-liked dive sites in Curaçao.

The ship was a straightforward cargo ship from the Netherlands built in 1957. Originally named as the MV Andromeda, it acquired the moniker we use today after a change in ownership in 1962.

Little is known about it other than the fact that it transported cargo throughout Europe until being sold once more in 1970 and then traveling to Panama to establish a new home port. From there, it would transport cargo between Venezuela and Curaçao.

The Superior Producer as it was before sinking in 1977. Photo: Curaçao Maritime Museum

This is not one of the more thrilling shipwreck stories, but it is nonetheless important to note. The Superior Producer was anchored in Curaçao Harbor at the end of September in 1977 by business owners hoping to profit from the sale of holiday merchandise. The issue was that the cargo hadn't been stowed correctly, and as a result, as the crew cast out their lines, the ship started to heel.

The crew began unloading their ill-prepared cargo since they were at a loss for what to do. However, it was too late. Through open portholes, the Producer had started to absorb water. With the aid of tugboats, the Curaçao Port Authority attempted to right the ship, but it was unsuccessful.

The Superior Producer goes down. Photo: Curaçao Maritime Museum

The objective was now damage control rather than rescue. The cargo ship was towed from the port and out of the path by tugboats. The crew managed a safe escape as the ship vanished, and it was positioned beyond the harbor so that it wouldn't obstruct future ships from docking there.

Whiskey crates filled the entire ship. The wreck was not for long.

The wreck as it sits now. Photo: The Dive Bus, Curacao

The fact that the wreck has now been submerged for more than 40 years at the bottom of pristine seas and a reef makes it very attractive. It has had time to integrate into the reef as a result, and life has grown all over it.

This unique site, which is located at a depth of 33 meters (108 feet) and has a visibility of up to 20 meters (66 feet), has long been a favorite among divers, and not just because of the free whiskey. When approaching the wreck during a shore dive, one can explore the drop-off and, after about ten minutes of swimming out, get to see the eerie vessel emerge as a large, black shadow in the distance. Explorers have the opportunity to examine the nearby reef during the shore dive.

Heading into the wreck. Photo: The Dive Bus, Curacao

The location remained shuttered while Curaçao constructed a new dock, but it quickly resumed operations. Now, divers may once again explore this amazing wreck with the help of knowledgeable local guides who can keep them safe as they negotiate what might potentially be a challenging dive.

Eels, lobsters, and other species that like to seek refuge can easily hide out in the wreck. If you swim about, you might spot turtles and barracuda along the reefs. The wreck site is surrounded by dive shops and guides who can advise you on the ideal time to visit at any given time of day. Because of how much time they've had to spend on the website, many of them are now very knowledgeable about the Superior Producer. 

In fact, we have a few to suggest. We can also attest for the fact that they are genuinely good people because we love Curaçao and have met many of the operators there. Enjoy the movie below to get you going, then say hello and tell them we sent you.


– Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor

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