The Difference Between Scuba Fins and Snorkel Fins

Fins come in a wide variety and are used for both diving and snorkeling. But a diving fin and a snorkel fin have significant distinctions! Discover what they are now.

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Snorkel Fins

A snorkel fin typically doesn't need as many elements as a diving fin. In the past, snorkel fins had a full-foot pocket, but these days you can get more and more open-heeled snorkel fins, which in my opinion is a significant improvement. An open-heel snorkel fin can be customized to perfectly fit your feet. This is impossible with a complete foot since you are unable to modify anything. Therefore, choose a snorkel fin with an open heel if you want to avoid having to buy a shoe.

But how do they vary most from dive fins? Since a snorkel fin is typically more smaller and narrower, you don't require a lot of leg strength. This power will not be there if you dive while wearing a snorkeling fin.

Diving Fins

So, when snorkeling, are you faster with a diving fin? No, a diving fin is far larger, and when you fin, it will require a lot of power to penetrate the water's surface. There are many elements on a dive fin, including channels for the water to pass through. All of those functions are activated while you are submerged, thus they are useless when you are on land. The Tusa Hyperflex is a really light fin with a lot of power underwater, if we were to examine it. When we used it above the water, it was a terrible snorkel fin.


Snorkeling can be done while using diving fins and vice versa. Yet is it prudent? Nope. It is preferable to always have the appropriate fins when there is strong current.

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