Greenhorn’s Guide: How Much Scuba Weight Do You Need?

When you first start scuba diving, determining how much weight you need is the most difficult task. Because of this, our friends at 50ft Below made  brief guide  that aims to assist you.

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How much weight do you need?

Everything begins with how much weight you are carrying about while scuba diving. It is extremely difficult to determine your neutral buoyancy when you are overweight. I get what you're asking, but what is neutral buoyancy? When your buoyancy is neutral, you will float freely in the water. You don't float to the surface (positive buoyancy) or descend to the bottom when you have neutral buoyancy (negative buoyancy).

How, though, can I determine how much weight I need? You can use a computation if there isn't any water around. We have made a calculator that also accounts for your knowledge and tools. Look here! However, testing it out in the water is best done while submerged.

Utilizing a scuba tank is the ideal option, but it must be almost empty, as if you had just finished your dive. Locate a pool or body of water where you can quickly alter weights. Place some weights at the pool's edge and simply remain on top. You can entirely deflate your BCD while you have weights in your BC. You'll remain if you take a full breath. Complete inhalation will keep you on the surface.

Don't take a big breath again, just a small one so you can exhale fast after you intake. When you totally exhale, you will sink slowly. You can lose one or two pounds when you fall quickly. You will then attempt again until you slowly drop underwater. You will float on the surface like in the picture above if your lungs are just partially filled with air.

Use our scuba weight calculator if you're unsure of how many weights you should start with.


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