Everything You Need to Know About Plus Size Wetsuits

Divers and dive enthusiasts come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so we should anticipate the same from our wetsuits, right? For plus-size women, finding the ideal wetsuits that fit can be considerably harder than it is for tiny women, who may appear to have access to a greater variety of wetsuits. It may seem as though there are no sizes that fit each of us as individuals, whether they are too huge, too little, men's sizes, all pink, all black, or none in between.

Although there are restrictions on who can dive, these are not always weight-related. Many women believe that all wetsuits are made for men or, at the very least, women with straight bodies. What about different body types? Women shouldn't have to struggle to put on a wetsuit because of their size, shape, or size of their busts or hips.

Canadian travel writer and blogger Hannah Logan writes about her experience with plus-size wetsuits over at Girls Who Scuba. She states:

“Over the past few years I’ve gotten used to concerned looks when I ask to rent a suit, or the loud ‘do you think this will fit?’ comments as they hold large suits up for me in front of an entire group. Perhaps the easiest thing would be to buy my own and not have to rely on the dive shops. But, while that may seem like a good option, it proves to be equally as disheartening as I scan through websites only to see the same limited sizes over and over again.”

What are some strategies for maximizing the diving experience for plus-size women? We're happy you asked!

Tips for the Plus Size Diver

Contrary to popular belief, excess body fat actually floats. A plus-size diver will therefore require additional lead weight to keep them down. Your instructor will demonstrate how to get the ideal weight for your body type and the appropriate equipment for the surrounding conditions. If you carry a lot of weight, you might consider a weight-integrated BCD or a pocket weight belt. Keep account of your body weight and the quantity of lead you utilize in your dive record if it varies. It's possible that less weight than you think is required to dive.

But bear in mind that you might not always have this choice if you're using rental gear. Before your dive, test on the standard weight belts since they vary in different lengths.

Additionally helpful are ankle weights! The usage of ankle weights, which are typically made for dry suit divers, can counteract floating ankles, which can be a problem for female and plus-size divers.

Bring Your Own Wetsuit

It is almost never a good idea to rent wetsuits. They'll probably be worn by lots of people, old, and ill-fitting. This is especially true for women who are larger size. Depending on your size, finding a wetsuit that fits may be difficult because some stores don't carry anything larger than an XL. Recognize that "one size fits all" doesn't always apply, and carry the supplies you'll need to make your kit functional as well as comfortable. As a result, you are less anxious and more comfortable using your equipment, which makes you safer. Even if it adds a little extra weight to your trip bag, bringing your own wetsuit will eliminate the need to search for one in your size.

Pro tip: If you have access to a body of water to enter and put your wetsuit on, do so. It will be considerably simpler if the arms and legs are filled with water before you enter it. This is obviously not always a choice, but if it is, take use of it!

What are the finest stores to shop for swimwear and wetsuits in plus sizes? We'll discuss some of the top companies that cater to plus-size women specifically in this section.

Scuba Sisters –  up to 6XL


You've always wanted the popular whale shark leggings, but you can never seem to find them in your size. On a dive boat full of female scuba divers who were tired of repurposed male designs (often known as "unisex") and erratic sizes, Scuba Sisters* was created. They wanted to display their love of the ocean, but they could hardly locate any clothing (or scuba gear) made specifically for ladies. they took care of it themselves. From rashguards and leggings to hoodies and tees, they have everything you could possibly need.

Truli Wetsuits – 21 sizes from US 0 – 24, including long torso and plus size

With businesses like Truli Wetsuits*, who take it upon themselves to build a range to fit every woman, the future for plus size divers is looking a whole lot brighter. They understand that women who feel confident and empowered to achieve their sporting and adventure goals perform better in their equipment and clothing.

Our bodies don't come in neat, uniform shapes, and the Truli Wetsuits sizing method takes that into account. Do your thighs or chest feel a little tight or pressured? No issue; simply order one size larger for a little roomier fit without making it overly baggy elsewhere.

Truli Wetsuits' sizes are only a few millimeters apart, so you can easily go up or down a size to cater for boobs, butts, and tummies without having to worry about it being too loose or tight elsewhere.

These company's size names are still another outstanding feature. They modified the size categories by giving them names inspired by trailblazing women, such as Dreamer, Daring, and Explorer.

Although not everyone enjoys diving, your weight shouldn't ever be a barrier to getting in the water. It is a fantastic way to learn about the undersea environment, meet new people, and be active. If you're one of the many attractive curvy women out there, remember that finding the ideal fit doesn't have to be difficult.

Keep diving!

*Not an affiliate link or partnership with Deepblu Mag


Author: Harmony Rose, a California native passionate about exploring the world and sharing the craziness along the way. She traveled across ten countries so far, and do not plan on stopping any time soon.

Website:  https://www.harmonyrosemedia.com

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