Cool Scuba Gear to Enhance Your Dive

It's true that scuba equipment is often known for being created with comfort and safety in mind, so it can be difficult to be enthusiastic about a new model regulator or BCD.

However, did you know that there is scuba equipment available that is particularly designed to improve your underwater experience? This article is for you if you're the kind of diver that enjoys clever devices or gear that addresses some of your pet annoyances.

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1. Deepblu COSMIQ+ dive watch

We can't discuss cutting-edge technology without bringing up Deepblu's COSMIQ+ dive watch. This is not your typical dive watch; its best feature is the ability to automatically fill your dive journal after you surface by sending the dive data from the watch over Bluetooth to the Deepblu app!

There is no longer any justification for not maintaining a dive log because Deepblu has made the laborious task of filling up your dive log simple. The dive watch has a good big face, settings for technical, free, and recreational divers, a rechargeable battery, and enough for 200 dives!



Deepblu COSMIQ+ GEN5. Available:

2. Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) can substantially up the fun factor of your underwater adventure. Consider a DPV as a handheld, electric underwater scooter. When you dive, you can cover a lot more distance since you can move much faster than if you were swimming on your own and you don't have to use as much energy. There are many DPVs available on the market, but before purchasing one, think about:

  • Speed
  • Cost 
  • The maximum depth it can travel to
  • How noisy it is (you don’t want to agitate the sea life)
  • Battery life
  • What sort of buoyancy it has (positive, negative or neutral) 
  • And any additional features like built-in cameras

Also keep in mind that a PADI course is available, which we advise you to do before purchasing one of these, so you can learn how to use one properly.


3. Dive Skins

Do you enjoy scuba diving but detest having to struggle to put on a chilly, wet wetsuit? The ideal answer to this issue for divers is dive skins. Put one of these inside your wetsuit to make donning your wetsuit a breeze—it just slides on!

Since it is a full body lycra suit, it is skin-tight, stretchy, and quick drying. In warmer water, the suit can also be used by itself, as a stinger suit, or as weather protection when snorkeling or participating in other water sports. It protects against UV rays and is undoubtedly a striking item. There are no dull colors used here; only vibrant, colorful designs that will make you stand out underwater.



Slip In Dive SkinsAvailable:

4. Fluorodiving Mask

The greatest time to view marine life emerge to feed is during night dives, and if you want to see something very unique, invest in a fluorodiving mask and UV light. The coral will glow in the dark when combined with the fluoromask, a lens that goes over your mask. This should only be used under the guidance of a dive guide and is best observed in warm tropical waters.



An example of a fluorodiving mask is BigBlue fluro mask. Available:

5. Interchangeable Fins

Do you have trouble deciding which fins to bring when you travel? Which should you use for scuba diving—the shorter ones for scuba or the longer ones for free diving? You could certainly bring both, but you don't want to incur more costs.

This issue is resolved by interchangeable fins, which let you switch up the fin according to the type of diving you'll be undertaking. Although the technology varies significantly between brands, the core idea is the same: you can switch out the fin type by screwing or attaching different fin attachments into the foot region. This is really convenient for traveling!



An example of an interchangeable fin is Cressi Modular Fin. Available:

6. Tankless Diving

If you enjoy diving but detest donning all of your equipment while submerged, tankless air diving with the Airbuddy might be for you! The battery-powered float system stays at the surface while the divers are connected by a harness and regulator. One diver may go as deep as 12 meters with Airbuddy, while two divers can go as deep as 6 meters for about 45 minutes. If you enjoy shallow diving without donning heavy gear, this is a good alternative.



Airbuddy Tankless Diving. Available:

7. Underwater Camera Casing

The GoPro is a popular choice for beginning underwater photographers and videographers because it is portable and simple to use. The Triad Grip for GoPro by GoPole can be for you if you want to improve your talents but don't want to spend money on large, heavy equipment. With grips on the left and right sides to stabilize the camera, it is positioned in the center of the picture. Additionally, there is space for your own microphone and lighting.



Triad Grip for GoPro by GoPole. Available:

8. Underwater Drone

Most divers have underwater cameras to record their amazing dives, however it might be difficult to video ourselves diving with marine life or to clearly photograph marine life that is farther away. Drones submerged in water can help with these issues. There is a huge selection of drones available, but because they are fairly pricey, you should shop around first. Several points to think about:

  • Shooting mode eg. 4K
  • Cost
  • Size
  • Battery life
  • Maximum depth
  • Whether it is wireless or tethered to the surface via a cable
  • Noise
  • Is the controller waterproof (i.e. can you dive beside your drone and control it, or do you need someone else to control it from the surface)?



An example of an underwater drone is iBubble Evo. Available:

9. Underwater Metal Detector

What better way to explore the ocean's depths than with your very own underwater metal detector? Scuba divers frequently fantasize about being treasure hunters. You can aid in the search for long-lost antiquities, coins, and jewelry! Some things to take into account while choosing an underwater metal detector include:

  • The detection range
  • If it alerts you when the battery is dying
  • The size
  • Needs to be suited for saltwater
  • Check depth limitations. I.e. some metal detectors claim they are waterproof, but can only be operated in shallow water i.e. not for scuba divers.



Quest XPointer Scuba tector underwater pi li-poly metal detector is an illustration of an underwater metal detector. The following website is accessible:

Purchasing dive equipment can be enjoyable and significantly enhance your underwater experience. The next step is to enter the water and demonstrate your new equipment!



About the Author

Amanda and her husband Dean have been certified divers since 2009. Amanda has her advanced open water and Dean is a divemaster. They have travelled the world and dived many sites in Australia, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.

Amanda and Dean have a travel blog called Scatabout which details the fun and unique experiences they have had on their world travels. You can find them doing something adventurous like scuba diving, hiking or something strange like running down the side of a building.

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