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Our global scuba diving community is home to divers of all ages and abilities, and it is full of amusing and fascinating tales. At Deepblu, we enjoy telling divers' tales and producing interesting content for readers. Over the past few years, blogs have grown significantly and are now read more frequently than some major periodicals!

The internet is somehow similar to the ocean, it is so large that getting lost in it is simple. So how do you know where to look for high-quality information on scuba diving, snorkeling, marine biology, or diving excursions? There are obviously a ton of diving blogs accessible for you to browse, but some might not actually offer any value or trustworthy information. Some may even be out of date and lacking the most recent information. Due to this, we have created a list of the top scuba diving blogs that aren't us!

There is something for everyone here, we put together a little bit of everything. Take a look through each one to see what speaks to your dive-loving heart!

Girls That Scuba

Founded by girls, for girls, Girls That Scuba is a publication. In addition to empowering those of us who are already addicted, their purpose is to inspire, inform, and introduce more and more women to scuba diving.

Sarah Richard, a full-time digital nomad, divemaster, and travel writer, started Girls That Scuba after she served as the only female diver on staff of a liveaboard in Micronesia. What began as a way for her to meet new female dive buddies quickly grew to become the largest online diving community for women.

The blog has reviews of diving equipment, dive sites, motivational female diver stories, and more. The blog has since expanded to include a Facebook group and goods. So this blog can be a wonderful choice for you if you're looking for a group of female divers to dive with!

Simply Scuba

This fantastic scuba diving blog has a YouTube channel in addition to regularly updating their website with new content. A modest barn in Kent was the birthplace of the UK-based blog Simply Scuba, which was founded out of a love for the sea. Since then, they have expanded into an international Scuba retailer that takes pleasure in offering consumers the best guidance and selling high-quality goods.

They also run a dive gear store that is fully stocked in addition to a blog. They carry everything you need to go diving, including BCDs, regulators, dive cameras, fins, masks, and wetsuits. You may rely on their product assortment and prices regardless of your diving experience level. They always have the most recent gear and equipment on their shelf, prepared for shipping, and they stock the brands you love, including Mares, Suunto, Scubapro, and Cressi.

Simply Scuba knows that finding the ideal product for you isn't always simple, which is why they have developed their very own comparison tables. This straightforward chart, which lists all the attributes of the devices you wish to compare, makes it easier to find the ideal piece of equipment for you.

For reviews of diving equipment, fascinating anecdotes, advice on diving destinations, and more, check out their great YouTube channel!

PADI blog

How many of you are aware that one of the most reputable diving businesses has a blog? The best organization in the world for scuba diver training is PADI.

You may get PADI diver training and scuba diving services almost anywhere because there are more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts and 137,000 individual PADI Professionals who have granted more than 27 million certificates worldwide.

You may find a significant collection of articles and videos about anything diving on their blog. The PADI blog has the advantage of being published by subject matter experts, so you know you're getting trustworthy material from the specialists themselves.

As you explore the underwater world, PADI has just introduced a "How To" series with practical advice on mask clearing, equalizing, regulator recovery, and more. They have you covered with a complete visual explanation on how to polish these abilities so you feel the most at ease in the water, whether you've just begun the PADI Open Water Diver course or haven't been in the water for a while.

Scuba Diver Life

The global digital media outlet and newspaper Scuba Diver Life helps ocean lovers educate themselves, inspire themselves, and enthrall themselves. To a singularly devoted audience of over 1 Million, they disseminate cutting-edge videos and digital media content with a new voice. You can find everything here, including professional diving advice, gear evaluations, and even a video series!'s founder and CEO is Nadia Aly. She scuba dives all around the world, as stated on her website biography, in an effort to understand more about the oceans that surround us and to share her experiences and discoveries with the world.

Making the  #1 Resource for Divers & Ocean enthusiasts is her main goal. By using digital content and community, Nadia seeks to educate readers about global ocean conservation challenges and events.

Visit her personal blog at and to view her photos.

Voilà! We have chosen blogs with care since we think they are reliable and interesting. These blogs are also quite active and update frequently; some even have Facebook groups (such as Girls Who Scuba) that keep you involved in the diving world.

Naturally, you can always turn to Deepblu Blog for the most stories in the diving life and diving industry. The only online community where freedivers and scuba divers may continue their diving expeditions above the surface is Deepblu. Deepblu has something for everyone, including evaluations of diving equipment, in-depth travelogues, and the most recent information on environmental and ocean-related issues.

You'll enjoy reading about the experiences that divers take us on, both in and out of the water, in our first-person tales. Follow us on social media to stay informed about anything happening in the diving community!


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