5 Amazing Underwater Treasures

The aquatic world is brimming with countless captivating sceneries. Divers can choose to enjoy diving on reefs, dive shipwrecks, or spend years searching for hidden valuables. I've compiled a list of five incredible riches that have been discovered underwater in this article.

San Jose

There is evidence of the San Jose shipwreck. However, because to several legal complications, its priceless cargo has not yet been recovered. Off the beaches of Columbia, a private business called Sea Search Armada (SSA) discovered the wreck for the first time in 1981.

To divide the treasure in half, they made an agreement with the Columbian government. Soon after SSA informed them of the treasure's location, the Columbian government approved a law claiming possession of the entire haul.

The cargo of the San Jose is worth at least a few billion dollars, according to experts. These projections are based on data from the San Joaquin, the San Jose's sister ship. They are essentially the same. Tons of gold and silver were placed onto the two ships. Additionally, the paperwork from the ship was still in tact, which gave underwater archaeologists new information regarding the cargo of the San Jose.

Senora de Atocha

2014 saw Senora de Atocha named the most valuable shipwreck in the world by Guinness World Records. In 1985, it was found close to the Florida coast. The ship sank in 1622 as a result of a hurricane, carrying 70 pounds of emeralds, at least 40 tons of gold, and silver. This cargo's worth is believed to be close to $400 million.

It wasn't simple to find such a wealth. Mel Fisher, the treasure hunter who made this find, began his investigation in 1969. It took him 16 years to discover it. Additionally risky was this surgery. During this journey, three members of his crew—among them his son—died.

Senora de Las Mercedes

During a conflict with the English fleet, the Spanish ship Senora de Las Mercedes sank in 1804 not far from the Portuguese coast. A 2007 discovery of the shipwreck by an American corporation resulted in the recovery of 17 tons of silver and gold. The priceless cargo was transported to the US and kept in secure storage facilities. The Black Swan Project was the codename for the operation, which was meant to be top-secret.

Spanish archaeologists were aware of it, though, and they began a legal campaign to put an end to what they saw as stealing and recover the riches. The Spanish Naval Museum now has some of the artifacts on exhibit.

SS Gairsoppa

During World War II, a German U-boat sank the British steamer SS Gairsoppa. It contained a lot of silver that was destined for the royal mint. In order to retrieve this priceless cargo, the UK government secured a contract with Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2010. The private business found the wreck after two months. It was located 300 miles from the Irish shores and at a depth of 15,000 feet.

Ninety-nine percent of the lost silver was located using remotely operated vehicles. 48 tons from the first batch were retrieved in July 2012. Later, they found 61 tons of silver in the shipwreck. The Discovery channel has published coverage of one of the biggest deep-sea operations.

SS Central America

The SS Central America is referred to as the Ship of Gold because it was carrying 14 tons of gold. A hurricane attacked the side-wheel steamer in 1857, shredding her sails and obliterating its boiler. Eventually, after a few hours, it sank. This significant amount of gold's loss contributed to the 1857 financial crisis.

The wreckage was first discovered by Columbus-America Discovery Group in the late 1980s. Recovery efforts got under way in 1988. The team was successful in recovering gold worth $100 million. A gold ingot weighing 80 pounds that was one of the items auctioned for $8 million. 2014 saw the site's excavation by Odyssey Marine Exploration, another business. In addition to 45 gold bars, they were able to retrieve more than 15,000 gold and silver coins.


About the author

Alex Lemaire is passionate about inland and underwater treasure hunting. He published several articles about this topic on his blog. He believes that this hobby is an amazing way to learn more about the history of humanity.

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