10 Wacky Water Events From Around The World

You've come to the right place if you enjoy being in, on, or beneath the water and are searching for new experiences to have while traveling. We present ten absurd water events from around the globe! These aquatic competitions, which range from death diving world championships to pumpkin carving underwater, are a unique and entertaining way to try something new while traveling.


1. Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim – Sydney, Australia

If you want to let go of your inhibitions, don your birthday suit and take part in the annual Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim. The largest naked ocean swim competition in the world is open to both men and women who are 18 years old and older.

There are two distinct swims you can take part in—a 300-meter swim or a 900-meter swim—but you must be able to swim in the open ocean comfortably despite the generally quiet conditions.

The event is about moving outside of your comfort zone and fostering body confidence, so you can leave your competitive nature at the door. This is not a race. There are no spectators permitted because it is a paid event, so don't worry if you are feeling shy.

Location: Cobblers Beach, Middle Head National Park, Sydney, Australia.

When: Held annually in March.

Website: http://www.thesydneyskinny.com.au/about/sydney-skinny-ocean-swim-event.htm

2. World Championship of Death Diving – Oslo, Norway

The World Championship of Death Diving, also known as the Dod's challenge, is a quite lighthearted competition, despite the name's sinister connotations. There is a contest to determine who can belly flop the best from a high diving platform (10 or 14 meters). The winners will receive financial awards, but we firmly believe that it is safer to watch from the sidelines!

Location: Frognor Public Bath, Oslo, Norway. However, there is a range of events held in different locations. Check the website for details.

When: Held annually in June.

Website: https://ww.dodschallenge.com 

3. Key West Mermaid Festival – Florida, USA

The Key West Mermaid Festival is a great event if you're looking for something entertaining for the kids. The festival, which lasts for five days in July, aims to teach people how to swim properly with mermaid tails while also bringing attention to the state of our seas. Surprise, surprise! In fact, if you're above 21, you can volunteer to be a mermaid during the event. The exhibition features local performers, underwater artwork, and goods from small businesses.

Location:  Florida, USA.

When: Held annually in July.

Website: https://www.keywestmermaidfestival.com/

4. Underwater Music Festival – Florida, USA

This one is for all of you music fans! The Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival takes place every year in Looe Key Reef in Florida, USA. The underwater-themed music (like Octopus' Garden) is played through underwater speakers connected to the diving boats while you dive underwater while dressed as your favorite underwater character. The festival's goal is to raise awareness of the coral reef and teach people how to protect it. The best method to attend the event is to make arrangements for a trip out on one of the Lower Keys dive operators' boats.

Location:  Looe Key Reef, Florida, USA.

When: Held annually in July.

Website: http://www.lowerkeyschamber.com/

5. Underwater Bike Race – North Carolina, USA

For those who enjoy scuba diving and want to try something different, enter the annual Underwater Bike Race in North Carolina, USA! You can get an old bike while carrying a tank on your back and go to the race.


Of course, there is still one more step. You must rent some dive equipment, bring your own bike, and pay an entry fee (proceeds benefit children's cancer research) in order to participate. Two guidelines apply when competing: There can be only one rider per bike, and the bike cannot have an engine.

Also, don't forget that the best-dressed motorcyclists and the best-decorated bikes win prizes!

Location: USS Indra, Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, USA.

When: Held annually in July.

Website: https://project543.visitnc.com/underwater/

6. International Regatta of Bathtubs – Dinant, Belgium

Imagine taking a good Belgian beer and floating along the Meuse River in Belgium in an ancient adorned bathtub. The International Regatta of Bathtubs features 50 teams that perform just that each year.

The 1-kilometer race is free to enter, or you are invited to join the other 25,000 onlookers who have lined up near the riverbank and Charles de Gauelle Bridge to support the runners.

The only requirements, if you choose to compete, are that a bathtub be utilized and that it be human-powered. Additionally, since you can win an award for the finest decorated bathtub, you'll want to decorate your bathtub in keeping with the season.

Location: River Meuse in Dinant, Belgium.

When: Held annually in August.

Website: http://www.lesbaignoires.be/

7. Beer Can Regatta – Northern Territory, Australia

The Beer Can Regatta in Australia is perfect for beer lovers! The purpose of this boat race, which started in 1974, is to race down the river using flotation devices made from used beer cans. Recent changes include renaming the event the Darwin Lions Mini Regatta and adding new competitions for can-powered boats to make it more family-friendly.

There are awards for the winners of each race as well as the best-decorated boat, but you must register and pay a fee to participate. Along with the boat race, there are other entertaining events including the women's and iron man races, sandcastle construction, and tug of war using flip-flops.

Location:  Darwin Waterfront, Northern Territory, Australia.

When: Held annually in August.

Website: https://beercanregatta.org.au/

8. Bog Snorkelling Championships – Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales

The Bog Snorkelling Championships are one of the strangest competitions held in Wales. Participants dress up in outrageous and bizarre costumes and pay an entry fee. The goal is to swim two laps of the 60-meter bog as quickly as possible while wearing only a snorkel and fins.

Both the race winners and those wearing the wackiest costumes receive prizes. With food, markets, and a jumping castle on the shore, it is also an entertaining spectator event. The festival was established to draw attention to the significance of bogs, another word for wetlands, to the ecosystem of the planet.

Location:  Waen Rhydd bog, Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales.

When: Held annually in August.

Website: https://www.green-events.co.uk/?wbs_main

9. Underwater pumpkin carving – various locations, USA

This is for all of you Halloween fans! Go to a USA dive shop in late October and ask whether there will be an underwater pumpkin carving contest. For prizes for the greatest and scariest pumpkins, enter with a companion!

This is an enjoyable approach to push yourself and try something new on a dive. To prevent you, your pumpkin, and your knife from floating away, you will need to be correctly weighted in addition to having good knife handling skills. Just remember to tell your diving buddy if and where you are carrying any additional weights!

Location: Various locations throughout the USA.

When: Held annually in October.

Website: An example of one of the events: https://www.facebook.com/events/3355763771108366/

10. Windsor Pumpkin Regatta – Nova Scotia, Canada

The Windsor Pumpkin Regatta in Nova Scotia, Canada, is a great option if you enjoy carving pumpkins but don't want to go scuba diving for the event.

You must buy one or more raffle tickets to be eligible to compete in this regatta, and the victors get to paddle in enormous pumpkins in the 800-meter race down Lake Pesaquid. The pumpkins are colorfully decorated, and there are also other enjoyable activities planned for the day for onlookers, including scavenger hunts and farmer's markets.

Location:  Lake Pesaquid, Falmouth to Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada.

When: Held annually in October.

Website: http://worldsbiggestpumpkins.com


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