10 Unique Water Activities to add to Your Bucket List

It should come as no surprise to scuba divers that we enjoy spending time in, on, or beneath the water even when we aren't diving. Kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling are all enjoyable water sports, but if you're like us and want to try something a little different, check out our list of 10 unusual water sports.

1. Slide down rapids head first – Riverboarding

Have you gone white water rafting and felt that it lacked excitement? Check out riverboarding after that. Similar to white water rafting, riverboarding is a solitary activity where you plunge headfirst down rapids while only using a board (a hybrid of a bodyboard and a kickboard) and safety equipment.

(Rapid Boarders, +61 427 364 311, https://www.rapidboarders.com.au/barron-river from $160AUD/$107USD for a half-day tour, Cairns, QLD, Australia). 

 2. Jump off waterfalls – Canyoneering

Go canyoneering at Kawasan Falls in the Philippines to let your inner Tarzan go. trekking, rock-climbing, swinging, sliding, and jumping off boulders into crystal-clear water. Jump heights range from 2 meters to 14 meters. Although a little unsettling, the Gatorade blue water is so alluring that you will want to dive in straight away.

(To get the best deals, book directly with your lodging; prices start at 1500 PHP/$29 USD), Kawasan Falls, Cebu, Philippines.

3. Leap out of the water – Semisubmersible

You may go on an exhilarating trip in a semisubmersible in Queenstown, the city of extreme sports, which is best characterized as a combination of a submarine and a speed boat. Put on your seatbelt and get ready to travel at up to 50 mph (80 km/h) across Lake Wakatipuat's surface as well as dive under its glistening waters at up to 25 mph (40 km/h). The vehicle is designed like a tiger shark. Your pilot will roll, zoom through the water, and even propel you up to 6 meters through the air while imitating a shark.

(Hydro Attack, Queenstown, New Zealand, +64 27 477 9074, https://www.hydroattack.co.nz/ from $154NZD/$96USD).

4. Surf on still water – Jet surfing

Don't live near an ocean yet enjoy surfing? Love wakeboarding but aren't so keen on renting a boat because of the inconvenience and expense? The good news is that jet skiing is exactly what you've been looking for! Jet surfing is best characterized as a motorized surfboard that combines the advantages of wakeboarding and surfing. Simply fasten your feet and grab on to the arm strap to take off; the surfboard's bottom is equipped with a motor. Jet skiing makes it incredibly simple to go out on your own and perform some stunts on the board without depending on a boat. Additionally, you can go at speeds of up to 60 km/h (37 mph).

(Jet Surf Academy USA, +1 305 538 7873, https://jetsurfacademyusa.com/jetsurf-rent-miami/jetsurfacademy/ from $149USD, Miami, United States of America).

5. Abseil down waterfalls – Rappelling

Try waterfall rappelling if standard abseiling isn't extreme enough. It is where you abseil down a number of waterfalls, as the name would imply. Compared to conventional abseiling, everything is more challenging. You must make your way down the face of the falls while avoiding the slick surface and the force of the rushing water above you. To impress your friends, take images of the falls, which range in height from 2 to 40 meters. And as an extra benefit, you get to cool yourself by jumping into the cool pools of water at the conclusion of each fall.

(Finca Modelo Ecologica, +506 2645 5581, Canyoning from $79USD, Monte Verde, Costa Rica; http://canyoningmonteverde.com/canyoning).

6. Wakeboard underwater – Subwing

The majority of people are familiar with wakeboarding, which involves standing on a board and being towed down the water's surface by a boat. Similar in idea but carried out underwater is subwing. The board is suspended from the boat's rear but is immersed in the water. You grip onto the board with your hands and move quickly through the water while gliding, twirling, and twisting. When you need to take a breath, come to the surface and look around for dolphins that like to come out and play.

(Wake to Wake watersports, +1 649 242 9253, https://waketowake.tc from $475 USD hourly ex 12.5% tax; keep in mind that the price is for boat rental; Turks and Caicos.)

7. Fly high in the sky – Jet Pack

Nobody anticipated that the Jetson's cartoon would correctly forecast the future, but guess what? Put on your jetpack and fly through the skies like Elroy Jetson. You are propelled out of the water and into the air up to 15 meters high by a jet pack that is powered by water (often a jetski).

Additionally, Hydro Water Sports in Dubai offers a flyboard (where only your feet are strapped in), a jetovator (which resembles a segway), and a hoverboard (similar to a wakeboard) if jetpacking isn't thrilling enough for you.

(Hydro Water Sports, Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE, +971 54 598 5353, https://www.hydro-watersports.com/ from AED350/$95USD).

8. Do a gym workout on the water –  SUP stepper

Try a SUP stepper if you need a leg workout but still want to go stand up paddleboarding (SUP)! The board includes a stepper/elliptical machine built into the base, so you may use that to move about instead of a handed paddle (as in traditional SUP). And don't worry, you can still steer because the SUP stepper includes handlebars that are comparable to bike handles, making it simple to move around.

(Kayak Sailing Adventures, +1 340 626 3921,https://www.kayaksailingadventures.com/activity/sup-stepper-rentals-st-croix/ From $20USD per 10 min rental, St Croix, US Virgin Islands).

9. Glide through the water – Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

Love to snorkel but get fatigued easily? Still want to move around the water with ease? You can do this with the use of a motorized handheld device called a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). You learn everything you need to know about using the DPV and the best ways to avoid disturbing marine life during the tour.

(Hawaiian Dive Company, +1 808 722 6238,
https://www.hawaiiandivecompany.com/dpv-snorkel/  From $125USD + tax,
Oahu, Hawaii, United States of America USA).

10. Scoot around with the fish – underwater sit on scooter

A sit-on electric scooter works similarly to a DPV in that it makes moving through the water as easy as possible. The primary distinction is that the sit-on scooter comes with an aqua helmet, allowing you to stay submerged for about 2.5 meters while still being able to breathe. It's perfect for taking self-portraits and getting up close to the fish. Compared to the DPV, this exercise is slower and more kid-friendly.

(Aqua Adventures, +1 340 777 3549, https://bossusvi.com/ from $125USD for adults, St Thomas, Virgin Islands).


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