10 everyday things that you can do underwater

For us divers, the underwater environment is so fascinating that even routine tasks we perform on land, like getting a haircut or ironing, may be made more fun by doing them underwater! Why not give our list of 10 commonplace activities that may be performed underwater a try and let us know what you think?

1. Iron your clothes underwater

While we detest performing menial tasks like ironing our clothes, we find the idea of doing so while wearing a scuba tank to be entertaining. The premise behind the sport of "extreme ironing," or EI. It dates back to the 1990s, and basically means that you take an iron, an ironing board, and some clothing to a remote area (imagine the top of a mountain or the bottom of the sea) and "iron" your clothing there.

The more bizarre the setting, the better! And don't worry, the iron isn't truly plugged in; it's just a prank to get some amusing photos and videos. Or, if you're really committed, you could enter the global championships for extreme ironing!

2. Practice underwater yoga

It's hardly surprising that underwater yoga is a new sport as scuba diving and yoga both promote relaxation and proper breathing. The underwater yoga session, known as Zen Harmony Diving, is offered in Indonesia. You can practice your tree and warrior poses while wearing your scuba gear, all the while seeing the marine life swimming by. You may be sure that your experience will be quite peaceful and unwinding!

3. Cycle underwater

If you can put on your scuba gear and cycle underwater, why would you want to do it on land? A charity cycling ride for children's cancer research is held underwater in Northern Carolina on July 4th. It's a really difficult bike ride because competitors are allowed to use any bike they choose to reach the finish line (as long as it doesn't have an engine)!

4. Get a haircut underwater

Why not get your hair trimmed underwater if you want to get a "wet look"? The most well-known location to get your hair cut underwater is at the bottom of Y-40 The Deep Joy in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, which is the deepest pool in the world. Please take note that this service is only offered during special events and is not always available.

It takes quite a bit of effort to receive a haircut underwater; in addition to you, two other people must don scuba gear before you can all descend to the pool's bottom. While the other holds a vacuum tube that is intended to collect the shed hair, one hairdresser is in charge of cutting the hair. Although, we don't advise trying this technique yourself because it's rather complicated.

5. Visit an underwater cemetery

Due to flooding of above-ground graves, there are a few underwater cemeteries around the world, however the most well-known artificial underwater cemetery is named Neptune Memorial Reef and is situated in Key Biscayne, Florida, USA. We think it's a terrific idea for ocean lovers that the cemetery permits loved ones' ashes to be kept in a memorial at the bottom of the sea, where friends and family can snorkel or scuba dive to visit.

6. Perform an underwater cleanup

Although most of us have heard of beach clean-ups, did you know that you can arrange your own underwater clean-up to aid in clearing the sea of debris? You and your companion can clean up the area underwater on your own, or you can enlist the aid of several other divers.

Before performing a cleanup, you might want to think about choosing a dive location that is simple to get to and dive at. Additional precautions to take include wearing gloves, having high buoyancy, and only picking up trash (but not anything sharp or heavy).

7. Play an escape room underwater

The world's first underwater escape room is available at LBD Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand. If you want to attempt something that will require you to strategize and think while underwater, that may very well be your now holiday destination!

Your objective in the game Escape the Reef is to free Willy, a toy whale, from a cage at the ocean's bottom. To release Willy in 45 minutes, you and your squad will need to locate the buried treasure and hints while using your personal underwater metal detector. The game is enjoyable and appropriate for anyone with an Open Water certification or higher.

8. Post a letter underwater

You may dive down to an underwater post office on the Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary in Vanuatu and send your own waterproof postcard there, which is located 3 meters below the surface. This truly makes mailing genuine mail enjoyable! Additionally, when you are down there, you may observe the incredible marine life that is swimming by.

9. Do underwater gym exercises

People have recently begun using equipment for underwater exercise, such as underwater weights, jump ropes, treadmills, and bikes. These underwater workouts are being incorporated by personal trainers into the workout regimens of their clients because the resistance of the water may make them harder while also being less taxing on the joints.

10. Play chess underwater

When two players play a game of chess at the bottom of a swimming pool, it is referred as as underwater chess (also known as diving chess). While the rules are similar to those of standard chess, holding your breath adds an additional challenge.

Players alternately take turns using a weighted/magnetized board at the bottom of the pool to make their move. They only have a limited amount of time to make their next move before they have to stop breathing and give up the game. If you find that you are successful at this physical and mental challenge, you could even enter the Diving Chess World Championships!


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