10 Best Places for Scuba Diving to Discover this Year

Scuba diving is a fantastic activity that blends love of adventure, the outdoors, and the thrill of being submerged. Divers from all over the world are always looking for fresh, breathtaking places to practice their sport and push their limits. We are fortunate to inhabit a stunning planet with some of the most unique and breathtaking locations for scuba diving. All you need to do is be aware of their location.

We've created a list of the top 10 scuba diving locations to visit this year as a result. This year, you'll discover where you may go, what to anticipate, and how to get the most out of your scuba diving plans.

Here are the 10 incredible locations we are sure you'll enjoy.

1. Redang Island, Malaysia

Redang Island, a stunning dive site that is a must-visit for scuba diving enthusiasts, is located off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The island, one of nine that make up a marine sanctuary area, with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Scuba divers, however, like it for the beautiful coral reef that produces the most incredible diving conditions. Divers get the opportunity to witness a variety of marine life, such as reef sharks, manta rays, barracudas, and even whales.

2. Galápagos Island, Ecuador

Galápagos is regarded as one of the most amazing locations in the world for wildlife viewing, and it's unmatched for scuba diving.

It is a preserved natural beauty that is located more than 600 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador. The following benefits are yours to enjoy if you choose to scuba dive in the Galápagos:

  • a variety of sharks
  • turtles and dolphins
  • the manta ray
  • vibrant coral and seaweed

Make sure your scuba diving abilities are up to the challenge and be cautious of the powerful currents.

3. Dumaguete, Philippines

The Philippines as a whole is breathtaking and abundant in natural beauty, but Dumaguete provides fantastic diving opportunities for scuba divers of all experience levels and interests.

The variety of scuba diving chances in Dumaguete is what makes it so spectacular. You have the option of going snorkeling, diving, or swimming with whale sharks and jack fish for enjoyment.

4, Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen), regardless of experience or ability level. It is an archipelago in Cuba's southern region.

A top destination for scuba divers, it can proudly boast the Caribbean's best-preserved coral reef system.

This is where:

  • a dizzying array of shark species, such as the Caribbean reef shark, the huge hammerhead, and countless types of silky
  • coral and sponge

Jardines de la Reina offers more than 80 unique scuba diving locations, so the trip is unquestionably worthwhile.

5. Gili islands, Indonesia

The trio of tiny islands known as the Gili islands, which are situated close to the coast of Lombok, are Trawangan, Air, and Meno.

The incredible variety of sea turtles you'll witness on every step you take, as well as the magnificent reefs right off the coast, making the Gilis another another must-see scuba diving destination for you this year.

The fact that the currents are calm and novice divers may dive the Gilis without worrying will excite them.

6. Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Sipadan Island is the next breathtaking destination you need to know about. It is frequently cited as one of the top 5 scuba diving locations in the world.

It is renowned for its astounding variety as well as for having a large variety of coral types and marine life. Anyone who had the opportunity to scuba dive at the Sipadan Islands is in awe of the diversity and abundance of life there. Divers in Sipadan interact with lionfish, octopus, lionfish, barracudas, and many more fascinating species.

7. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

A national park and UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site, Cocos Island is located about 550 kilometers southwest of the Costa Rican mainland. One of the main reasons divers adore it is because it is the habitat for enormous pelagic creatures.

Additionally, Cocos Island provides:

  • submerged volcanic islands
  • enormous shoals of hammerhead sharks
  • underwater caverns

You'll adore diving in Cocos Island and taking in the incredible wildlife there.

8. Chichijima, Japan

Chichijima, a stunning scuba diving location, is found on the Ogasawara Islands, which are around 1000 miles from Tokyo. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site that requires a 24-hour ferry boat voyage from Tokyo, it is fairly difficult to get to but well worth the trouble.

Large marine animals like whales, manta rays, and dolphins can be found in abundance on Chichijima. Particularly in August, scuba divers adore it for its beautiful, calm seas.

9. Thistlegorm, Egypt

Wreck diving in Egypt is an option if you're looking to see more than just colorful corals and marine life. Thistlegorm is the best place to accomplish that. This wreck site shows a British transport ship that sank in 1941 after being bombed by German bombers. It was 420 feet (128 meters) long.

Along with seeing truck, jeep, motorbike, and tank wrecks, divers also get to learn a little bit about history. Divers like to dive in this location at night since it is the deepest, at 29 meters.

10. Banco Chinchorro, Mexico

Mexico is a well-known location for scuba diving, but Banco Chinchorro is a secret spot that few divers are aware of. This location is one of our top 10 dive sites right now because to its distinctive variety and lack of crowds.

Excellent visibility and crystal-clear waters are only the beginning. Divers of all abilities can locate the ideal location to enjoy scuba diving and discover the incredible underwater life.

Final Thoughts

We are confident that the list we provided above will motivate you to begin organizing your upcoming scuba diving excursion. Whether you're an experienced diver or a beginner, you'll be able to take in some of the most amazing underwater vistas the world has to offer.

We hope to have assisted you in finding the intriguing and memorable locations you were looking for.


About the Author: Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger at GetGoodGrade. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.

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